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How do I get rid of Dried Shampoo Flakes??

I know this might sound really gross but I wash my hair at night, and I wash it well, then I try to wash all the shampoo out and then it still dries on my head and forms flakes! Its really gross! Does any one have a soulution that I can find in the house?How do I get rid of Dried Shampoo Flakes??
Do yourself a favor and invest in your hair!

Most of the shampoos you buy in the store have wax in them as a filler and will make a build up which can turn into flakes.

Go to the salon and get a clarifying treatment about once a month or every other month. Get some good shampoo (a good one to start on is Matrix Biolage) which may seem expensive, but all professional shampoos can be diluted 1/2 distilled water 1/2 product in another containter (shake REALLY well before using) and will work just as well.How do I get rid of Dried Shampoo Flakes??
hot oil treatment
dont use shampoo next time.
It's probably not dried shampoo flakes. You are probably using a cheap over the counter shampoo that has too many chemicals in it. Try changing shampoos more frequently. Better to buy really good shampoos like Redken or Paul Mitchel from your beauty shop. Those over the counter are NOT the same thing. I had a BAD case of what I thought was dandruff. My beautician suggested I try Redken. It cleared it up. Now I only use name brand from my beautician. I change from time to time but not to over the counter type.
Change your shampoo.. it might be dandruff not your shampoo..
have you tried any other shampoos products, hun?
When you rinse your hair, put some vinegar in the rinse water. I know this sounds gross, but I promise that your hair will not stink. Vinegar is a natural astringent. I have used it for years and I rinse my hair once a week to get out the styling products. You will be pleasantly surprised how clean and refreshed your hair will be.
it's probably dandruff

u should use the pantene anti dandruff

it really helps

also use the pantene ice shine conditioner to smooth out your hair

another reason could probably be that u don't wash your hair everyday
thats dandruff

see a doctor
My wife had the same problem and now she has this problem no more. You can try this out and see it it helps you.
yea .it happend to me i just went to my hair dreaser and talked to her and i got better shampoo . it is more money but it works.
use a different shampoo. i rmemeber because i once had that and i hated it because i would honestly try to get like all of the shampoo out. but it was the shampoo because when i started using a different shampoo and it went away. and don't like pick a them because it just makes it worse. alot worse. it becomes more flakier
Are you sure you don't have dandruff honey? If your sure it's just from dried shampoo you can wash your hair again with baking soda (arm and hammer stuff NOT baking powder) This works as a great clarifier and will strip your hair of all the unnecessary goo.
it could be dandruff, or maybe your shampoo. first you should try a shampoo special for dandruff. if that doesn't work than surly you know that it's the shampoo lol. here are some really great cheap one that i used to use:

suave $2

Aussie $2

vo5 $1

the ones on the pricier side (but totally worth it sometimes) are:

pantene $4

treseme $3

herbal essenses $3

the ones that are on the pricier

Hope that helps and good luck!

What is the best Shampoo/Conditioner Brand for Dry & Damaged Hair?

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrients (: and 3 minute undo.

its the best thing you could ever do for your hair :PWhat is the best Shampoo/Conditioner Brand for Dry %26amp; Damaged Hair?
Use a baby shampoo and conditioner, but give yourself an oil treatment - once or twice a week. (see package instructions)

VO5 and Oglvie are good brands of oil treatments.What is the best Shampoo/Conditioner Brand for Dry %26amp; Damaged Hair?
Nature has its best and permanent cure, try to spend your precious time by looking at my video in youtube.鈥?/a>
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  • Which is the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hairs available in india?

    I was also fed up with my dry hair.I think Dove is the best. you can also try amway's products. thats also good. Now I stick on to amway, because it suits to my hair type and the water we are using in our city. just don't try each and every products your getting. find the best one.. and go on...Which is the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hairs available in india?
    i went to sun and sand hotel in mumbai this year

    and the shampoo and conditioner they have in there bathrooms is damn good especially for dry hair

    call them up take their telephone number from just dail 01122222222

    and ask them if they cud tell u whr they get it from or ask them if they sell itWhich is the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hairs available in india?
    Shampoo = Head and shoulders (silk and smooth), Pantene, Meera ayurvedic.

    Hair conditioners = Garnier is best. Lakme products, etc.

    Its best to take natural mixtures like egg+ water, hot water with mehandi leaves etc.
    my brother also suffered the same problem

    so i suggest u 2 try dove nourishment shampoo and latest serum had arrived in the market.

    one more thing these problems are seen when the season changes.
    heral essences and loreal absolute repair, hair spa is also great
    Garnier/lakme products

    I use a shampoo and conditionaer on my hair and my hair still dry and i dont want to put cream What can i do?

    I use sunsilk shampoo and zero frizz conditionerI use a shampoo and conditionaer on my hair and my hair still dry and i dont want to put cream What can i do?
    Make sure you are using shampoo and conditioner formulated for dry hair. It might help to leave in the conditioner for a few minutes before you wash it out. If all of this fails, you should get your hair trimmed and washed professionally at least once a year.I use a shampoo and conditionaer on my hair and my hair still dry and i dont want to put cream What can i do?
    several factors causes dry hair.too much exposure to sun,so wear a hat.vitamin deficiency.constant perming and dyeing.too much coffee.the brand of shampoo or conditioner you are using might be too strong for your hair.

    try baby shampoo,and get some hotoil treatment.
    First of all ONLY use a salon brand, not a cheap grocery store brand. Second of all you should wash your hair in the HOTTEST water possible. Apply the conditioner and let it stand for one FULL minute minimum before you rinse it out. Rinse it out with the COLDEST water you can stand. This seals the conditioner into the hair and follicle.
    towel dry before conditioner. if not then your conditioner sits on top of the water and can't do it's job. try it - you don't have to spend any more money and you can do it now.
    Condition it with some semen!!!! It'll give it that natural shine!!!!!
    Happened to me too. Use ';Dove'; Shampoo, you will see the results as soon as your hair dries, GUARENTEED!! :D :D!!
    Hrbel Essences
    Hair polisher, daily hair treatment. Fantasia ic Aloe enriched. I have very long hair and my hair looks awesome i put a size of a 50 piece thru my hair. and it does wonders.

    get a can of spray olive oil %26amp; spray into your hair %26amp; leave overnite, garantee your hair will be great.

    Best shampoo for me? I colored my hair, and it's kind of dry at times and frizzy, and sometimes it's fine?

    My hair has only been streaked twice, and I use shampoo for color treated hair and also good conditioner. I take care of my hair, and wash my hair every other day, and condition once a week. But my hair comes out feeling dry and frizzy unless I use conditioner, I don't want to have to use conditioner every time I wash my hair. Sometimes, I come out the shower and my hair feels perfectly silky and smooth. Any advice on a good shampoo, please let me know!Best shampoo for me? I colored my hair, and it's kind of dry at times and frizzy, and sometimes it's fine?
    Head %26amp; Shoulders.. another product you can use is TRESemme products. They work wonders and probably may work for you.Best shampoo for me? I colored my hair, and it's kind of dry at times and frizzy, and sometimes it's fine?
    this is the most weirdest thing i have ever heard - why on earth u do not want to use conditioner? this is weird! use conditioner after each shampoo, conditioner should be the same brand and the same purpose as a shampoo (they even sell them together sometimes). i wash my hair every other day, i also straighten and die them regularly and i have very good hair anyway, cos i always use the right products for them. i like tigi*s cat walk for died hair. leaves my hair silky and smooth

    and by the way about pantene and dove and other cheap bull - CHEAP STUFF NEVER WORKS!!!! u want to have nice hair - spend , spend, spend. tigi is not a cheap sh''it and it works.
    I know for me it is the same way so I wash my hair every 2 to three days so the nutrients are always in my hair. It is recommended to wash your hair every 2 - 4 days or the natural nutrients can be stripped. I have used all kinds on every budget. I think pantene is okay but is not the best, Dove for advanced treatment works well, tresemme works not too bad either. It really depends, I also use paul mitchell which can be quite costly though. Good Luck!
    My hair is very dry and damaged from using the flat iron. I have been using Dove shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair for a few weeks now and I am starting to notice a difference. Also I put an egg on my hair and let it stay on over night and washed it out the next morning, and it made my hair soft.
    i swear by mane %26amp;'s a bit more cost wise, but it repaired my damaged hair....and i was also losing my hair and it turned it back into soft healthy hair....i've had it every color, and just streaked as well, that and stress just took a heavy toll....i still dry it (only the roots) and it is so soft against my neck, and a comb just breezes through....good luck!♥
    Do shampoo every other day but condition everyday. Also get hair treatments at least once a week but stay out of hot treatments.
    apply vitamin e to fresh washed hair

    not the scalp

    along with regular trims it will make it grow fast

    tames the frizzies and deep conditions

    its cheap and great stuff
    Aveeno Nourish and The Loreal Sulfate Free are good ones. I think the best way to get soft hair is to condition. There is nothing wrong with conditiong everyday.
    Redken, Alterna or something like that. Or Fekkai - also good
    Your doing the right thing by using the shampoo for color treated hair but you MUST condition after each wash especially if you have color treated hair. If your hair is oily, like mine you only have to put conditioner on the ends where the nape of your neck starts down.

    I have color treated hair also and not only do I condition, I also use a leave in conditioner called Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-in Conditioner by HealthySexyHair c/o BigSexyHair co. It's a spray and it's awesome! You get it in salons or online.

    Here's why, if you were to take a strand of hair that is damaged or not conditioned and put it under a microscope it would look like a pinecone. This is why hair feels so rough, dry and frizzy. You don't see it but you feel it. Whenever you condition the hair, the pinecone closes up and the conditioner ';seals'; the hair shaft making it smooth, shiny, and silky feeling again.

    If you want to spend extra, Bed Head's Dumb Blonde shampoo/conditioner is the best for chemically treated hair. Despite the name, you can use it if your a brunette too. Just remember to condition, condition, condition.

    What is the best type of shampoo and conditoner for dry hair?

    My hair is really dry so i use the sexyhair or whatever its called

    I have dry hair and my scalp is dry, what shampoo i should use.?

    they say tressemme and panteene is no go it doesnt moisturize good, i use suave shamppoo and it doesnt work...what can i get at target or walmart or a differ store a shampoo that moisturizes my hair or what should i do to moisturize it, i dont want a product that is so expensiveI have dry hair and my scalp is dry, what shampoo i should use.?
    try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hairI have dry hair and my scalp is dry, what shampoo i should use.?
    You get what you pay for. All drugstore shampoo is really harsh and full of wax, it is the cause of your dry hair asside from chemicals and heat, so there is nothing that you can buy at a store that will help. Aussie is the best thing at a drugstore as they use less harsh chemicals and wax, but it is still crap, and the conditioner is pointless. If you want the problem to go away you are going to have to treat your hair will and not abuse it with drugstore crap. Use a shampoo for color treated hair, they are more gentle, but salon quality, sorry that is just how it is. You cannot put moisture back into hair, that is not possible, all you can do is prevent it from being sucked out by harsh shampoo.
    get head and shoulders shampoo.

    its for dry scalp and i HAVE to use it or i itch it and it flakes everywhere.

    you could prbably find some leave in conditioner from head and shoulders to help even more.
    try Giovanni smooth as silk deep moisture shampoo and conditioner it's a lot more healthier for your hair because it's organic and does not have the damaging ingredients that commercial shampoos have
    Head and Shoulders.

    This shampoo is very very good and not that expensive. They also have matching conditioners
    I have found some good tips in following link, It may be good for you too鈥?/a>
    Herbal Essenes hydrolysis

    its wat i use and it re-hydrates your hair